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You deserve a brand and website that reflects your personality and appeals to your ideal clients. I create that for you.

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How I work



Gather and assess information about your company and your brand.



Review discoveries with you to determine hypotheses.



Create the design, determine appropriate artifacts, and align to purchase behavior.



Build out the plan, create artifacts, and test.



Through interative sessions, ensure goals and artifacts align.



Implement plan and artifacts to production.

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What is Digital Brand Management

Digital Brand Management is the process of managing the perceptions of consumers who encounter your brand online. It takes traditional brand management principles and uses them to drive customer experiences across digital channels. It encompasses everything from your website and blog, to social media accounts, 3rd party publishers, and more. It focuses on direct customer interaction and seeks to engage customers in a conversation about the brand. It gives your customers a voice.

We already have a company website, why talk to you?

Your website is the hub of your online marketing efforts. Even if you already have a successful marketing plan in place, your website needs to stay current and meet the challenges of today’s market. The digital landscape changes almost daily, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up with. I will ensure that your most important digital asset keeps up with the times.

What platform do you develop your websites on?

I use WordPress for the majority of my website implementations. Why? Because it is fast to develop, it is rock solid on performance, and it has unlimited design potentials. This allows me to give my clients what they want, with great performance, and at the best possible price.

I'm not a large company, why is brand management important for me?

Small businesses have to compete with national brands for business. But small businesses have nowhere near the marketing budget that national brands have. Small business can best compete using online marketing. A company will never gain new online customers and will have less in-person customers if the business does not have a strong online presence. Consumer expectations have changed. When someone hears of a new business, the first thing they do is look them up online. They check out the website and the businesses social media presence. If there is not much of a presence, the business is considered to be “less than professional”. People now expect businesses to have a robust online presence.

What is Reputation Management and does my company need it?

Most people are not quite sure what reputation management really is. Some think it’s public relations, some think it’s just monitoring social media. Still others think it is responding to online reviews. There are many misconceptions about reputation management. Good online reputation management is not only about reacting well to what people say about you, your brand, or your products and services, but also about whether to react at all and, if so, when. Sometimes a reaction is not necessary, and sometimes a reaction that is too late can cost you. The goals of reputation management are to become reputable, to be transparent, to monitor what is said about you, to react quickly and appropriately, to positively address criticism, and to learn from your mistakes.

So basically, yes, you need reputation management. Every business does.

I would love to have you do everything, but I'm limited by budget. Where do I start?

The starting point is going to be different for everyone. Let’s have a consultation and go over your business, see what your biggest needs are and tackle things from there.

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Happy Clients

Monica is amazing at what she does. She took our SEO program from virtually nothing to a solid lead-producing engine in a very short time frame. She is always on the cutting edge, with advice on how to further optimize our results. She has been an invaluable partner and I highly recommend her.

Kelsey Freeman

Owner, Forefront Digital Media

She takes her work seriously and goes above and beyond what she agrees to do.

John and Peg Ewing

Ewing Realtor Team, Long & Foster REALTORS

She is knowledgeable and very hands on. We love working with her.

Mike Mayhew

Owner, Beach House Miracles