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We are part of a mission to double the size of 10,000 businesses within the next 10 years.  Your business could be one of them! Learn about our Innov8tive Business Accelerator program!

Are Your Business Challenges Getting to You?

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“I’m wasting time and money on marketing!”



“I don’t have time to figure out my marketing!”



“I have a great product but no customers!”

What the World Says About You IS Our Business

Why is that, you ask? Because I am a brand manager. Your brand is not just your logo. It is what people THINK about your product or service. It is what people FEEL about your product or service. It is what people SEE about your product or service. It is what people HEAR about your product or service. Sometimes it is even what people SMELL or TASTE about your product! And here is the true kicker. Your brand is also the type of customer you attract.

I help people.

Do you know and understand who your customers are? Do you know why they chose you? Do you know why others didn’t chose you? Do you know what your product or service stands for? Does your brand have a voice? If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many business owners cannot answer all the questions. That’s where I come in.

In a 90 minute personal presentation (100% free of charge with NO OBLIGATION), I can give you the tools you need to start the process that can double your sales. Why free of charge? Because I want to help. And I truly believe that if we are a good fit for each other, you’ll become my customer anyway. And if we aren’t a good fit, I can at least help you a little bit down the path you need to grow your business.  So sign up for a 90-minute presentation, learn some tips and tricks for free, and find out if our Innov8tive Business Accelerator program is for you!

What Are Your Marketing Challenges?

Marketing your business is not easy.  Most business owners do okay in some areas, but really struggle in others.

Leads and Sales

Your existing customers love you but you are failing to create new business.  You want to know how to get and keep new customers.

Brand Development

You need help determining who your ideal customer is and ensuring all of your digital assets are building a stronger brand presence.

Fractional CMO

If you outsource your marketing, but you aren’t sure you are getting full value for your investment, you need a Fractional or Virtual CMO.

Content Marketing

Your Social Media and Blogs are just BLAH.  You are doing your posts, but nothing is happening.  You need someone who can post with panache.

Email Marketing

Your emails get no love!  You need emails that leave your customers salivating for more with consistent, high click-through rates.

Marketing Automation

Your content is on point, but you are having trouble managing and following up with your leads.  You are losing out on sales because you lack follow-up.

Our Partners

Innov8tive Brand Management is proud to be a Digital Marketing Certified Partner.  Click on the logo to see how this benefits you.

What Our Customers Say

Here are a few comments, straight from our client’s mouths.

I’ve worked with Monica on a web development and marketing project. I’ve found her responsiveness and can-do positive attitude to be a great asset. I would absolutely recommend her if you need a savvy web developer and marketer.

H. Dean Hua

Advertising Strategist, Sachi Studio

Monica goes out of her way to ensure customer delight. Her knowledge of her tools is extensive and her experience comes through on every engagement.  So glad Ed Glynn recommended Monica to me!
Dennis Ottey

Owner, Dott Digital Marketing

I’ve worked with Monica for more than a decade, and here’s the thing: she is absolutely relentless. Monica will go to the very ends to get a job done, get it done right, and learn whatever she has to in order to achieve the goal. I’ve watched her move figurative mountains in order to overcome adversity in projects. All the while she stays bright and sunny, with a “keep moving forward” attitude that helps keep her team motivated. I would be pleased to recommend Monica without reservation. 

Michael DelGaudio

VP Customer Support and Training, Bright MLS

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