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Chances are you have a “Subscribe to My Newsletter” or “Join My Mailing List” plastered somewhere on your website.  Right?  But are you engaging with those prospects and customers once they take the bait?  What does that experience look like?  Are you providing your customers with a witty welcome to your business, letting them know what they can expect from you?  If you sell your products or services online, are you tracking and salvaging abandoned carts to snag that customer that forgot to hit submit?

Marketing Automation can ensure you never miss an opportunity to win over a new lead and keeps you in the forefront of your customers’ minds with thoughtful emails.  Marketing Automation converts missed opportunities into wins by building stronger customer relationships.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is making use of software applications to perform marketing functions automatically.  Many marketers automate such tasks as customer onboarding, email marketing, social media posting, paid advertising, and even direct mail.  While you may think the process of automating such tasks would depersonalize the communication, actually the opposite is true.  By implementing a good software application to manage your marketing, you can actually allow customers to set their own preferences for how and when you communicate with them.

Marketing Automation is extremely powerful, but in order to make it work successfully, it requires a thorough understanding of the platform(s).  That can be daunting to a business owner who does not spend all of their time on marketing applications.  That is where Innov8tive Brand Management comes in.  Having spent a number of years as a Web Architect, I have experience with quickly learning software applications with the express intent of integrating them into existing systems.  I know the applications intimately.  And the ones I don’t know, I have the ability to learn and implement quickly.

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a tool used to manage all of your company’s relationships.  Most CRMs are built on a database built around companies and the contacts within those companies.  It is used to track all interactions with your customers and potential leads.  CRMs are used to nurture your relationships and help you convert leads into customers and customers into returning customers.

A CRM can help you automate your email marketing in four ways:  a welcoming series, a nurturing series, abandon cart management, and re-engagement series.  Innov8tive Brand Management can help you implement the right CRM for you and help you set up your email campaigns.

Social Media Automation

Innov8tive Brand Management can also help you evaluate the best application for managing your social media.  From simple to complex, we have the experience to determine what will work best to help you work smarter.


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