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Want to know what content marketing is in a nutshell? Well, Craig Davis said it best.  “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and BE what people are interested in.”  Content Marketing is constantly changing and evolving.  Tactics and channels that worked last year…or even last month…may not work today.

It has become increasingly important that companies not only have high-quality, relevant, and engaging content, but they must also know the best way to distribute that content.  At Innov8tive Brand Management, we not only understand the importance of content marketing, but we have the framework to ensure that your content gets you the most bang for your buck.  

Website Content and Blog Content

Web content and blogs are one of the biggest parts of many brand’s content strategies.  It often establishes your brand voice and generates the bulk of your organic traffic.  Quality content will help you attract the right traffic and can convince the audience to interact with you.  If readers aren’t interested in your content, they won’t stay on your site.  Additionally, professional content writers will optimize content for search engines while also building and reinforcing your brand voice.  Sound like a lot?  It is!

Email Content and Newsletters

Email marketing is a prime way of nurturing your relationship with both your existing customers and your prospective leads.  But it requires excellent content to succeed.  Think about it.  How many “spam” emails do you get from companies.  Many companies understand the true benefit of email marketing, but fail to realize that quantity does not equal quality.  If you want to avoid just being another spam marketer, it is important to provide engaging content that educates, entertains, and/or solves a problem for your target audience.

Social Media Content Marketing

Social media is one of the best methods of building your brand awareness.  It is often a prospective lead’s first encounter with your brand.  Social media has four purposes:  networking, influencing, listening, and selling.  Effective content will help you to build long-term relationships with your audience, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue for your organization.

Video Content

Videos are one of the most effective ways of conveying a lot of information to your leads and customers.  But it requires gripping content to keep your audience’s attention.  Video content is a useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about a product. Videos can also promote a feeling of intimacy with the viewer and humanizes your brand.


Audio-based content is seeing a rise in popularity. Podcasts are a cost-effective way of conveying brand authority to your customers.  Implementing podcasts as a part of your content marketing strategy and regularly posting them allows your business to boost brand awareness and loyalty among consumers. This helps to improve customer retention rates and boost conversions driven by customer referrals to your business.


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