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Your avatar represents your ideal customer.  The information you enter can be based on an actual person, but might be more accurate if you combine several customers in your mind.  This avatar represents the person who wants or needs your product or service.


Avatar Demographics

Tell me about your ideal customer.  What is their name?  Are they a male or a female?  How old are they.  This is the section that provides their general demographics.


Tell us what this ideal customer is like.



Avatar Psychographics

Now let's talk about your ideal customer's values, attitudes, interests, and personality traits.


Goals and Objectives

What does your ideal customer need? Think in terms of your product/service and what your customer may be trying to accomplish.

Media Preferences

Where does your ideal customer get their trusted information from?  Do they have a trusted news source?  Do they prefer Social Media Groups?  Are their trade sources they trust?

Social Networks

Does your customer use social networks in their personal life or just at work?

Avatar Buying Patterns

This section looks into why your customer buys, what engages them,  and what triggers their purchasing behavior.  



What makes your ideal customer behave the way they do?  What are they trying to accomplish with their goals?  What is important to them?


What are the pain points your idea customer is experiencing?  These pain points should be something that your product or service can alleviate.  Think about the average day your ideal customer has.  How do their frustrations affect their average day?

Challenges and Objections

What could prevent your ideal customer from purchasing from you?  

Avatar Behavioral Factors

This section looks into why your ideal customer behaves in certain ways.  What frustrates them, what motivates them, and why they may or may not purchase.


How to Engage

What makes your ideal customer "pay attention"?  How do you build trust with this person?  

Triggering Events

A triggering event would be an occurrence that would bring your ideal customer's problem into focus and serves as a catalyst for them to seek to solve their problem. Triggering events can be a result of external factors in your ideal customer's world or can be season events, such as birthdays, holidays or other regularly occurring events.

Before and After States

Examine what your ideal customer's life is like before purchasing your product or service and compare it to their life after they have purchased it.