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Email Marketing That Drives Results

If you need more customers but you aren’t regularly emailing your leads then this webinar is for you!  Reserve your spot today.

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Email marketing should be used to assist and expedite the customer into moving from one stage of the buying process to another.  Email done right engages the customer.  Email done wrong alienates them.  Make sure your emails get the right response!

Here’s  what you can expect to learn during  this live webinar session:  

  • Learn the principles of well-executed email marketing strategy

  • Understand the role email marketing plays in growing your business
  • Learn the 5 phases of email marketing and understand the goal and sequence of each phase

Meet the speaker: 
Monica Stuckey

How the world sees you is my business!

Why is that, you ask? Because I am a brand manager. Your brand is not just your logo. It is what people THINK about your product or service. It is what people FEEL about your product or service. It is what people SEE about your product or service. It is what people HEAR about your product or service. Sometimes it is even what people SMELL or TASTE about your product! And here is the true kicker. Your brand is also the type of customers you attract.

I help people.

Do you know and understand who your customers are? Do you know why they chose you? Do you know why others didn’t chose you? Do you know what your product or service stands for? Does your brand have a voice? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you are not alone. Many business owners cannot answer these questions. That’s where I come in.

I provide you with the tools and metrics to understand your customers and show you how to reach prospects and customers at all stages of the buying journey. I can give you the tools you need to start the process to accelerate the growth of your company. And I start by providing you with help through my webinars and initial consultations free of charge.  Why free of charge? Because I want to help. And I truly believe that if we are a good fit for each other, you’ll become my customer anyway. And if we aren’t a good fit, I can at least help you a little bit down the path you need to grow your business.